"I've escaped it, a life wasted/And I'm never going back again." - Pearl Jam, "Life Wasted"

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Live Through This

- It's always better to move on.

- Responsibilities. You live with those that you choose to put on your shoulders. Those that others put on, well, it's human nature to unburden them at the first opportunity. Problem is, we desire to take every of them on, to let them twist and turn around you, until our shoulders sag, and our mind grows tired.

- Someone asked me whether I'm a responsible guy, given I've few relationships with women, and am still single. How dare he. As if I will not choose to commit if I have the chance to. Don't forget, I'm an "eldest son". I have damn well been drilled into my head what responsibility to a family is.

- Is it a sin not to be a perfectionist in this island? Lately I'm beginning to hallucinate that this is true. If I pay attention to the big picture, as opposed to the minutest-detail-which-nobody-will- care-about-except-the-overzealous-prick, does it mean I'm sloppy, careless and worthless?

- But, like I said, it's always better to move on, burn out and not fade away.

- It's been some depressing posts, I know. But it's catharsis for me, so that I'm happy when I'm with you, my friends. Brighter posts coming up.


Anonymous joshc said...

you is a closet angry man...

3:30 PM


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