"I've escaped it, a life wasted/And I'm never going back again." - Pearl Jam, "Life Wasted"

Saturday, May 06, 2006


- Nothing gets me worked up like politics.

- Yet, the election fever has left me, at best, bemused. Everyone has shot themselves in the feet.

PAP: When will it take our dear ruling party to realise that running down an opposition candidate DOES NOT WORK ANYMORE?? It's great to hear our Prime Minister suddenly changing tack 2 days before the polling day, after about a week of bombardment on a harmless James Gomez. Oops, we kinda forgotten about our plans for you common people. One shot in the foot. One more shot for that faux pas...."fix the opposition, buy back the voters"......well said, PM......hmmmmmmmmmmmm

WP: For the common people. Well said. And top marks for not falling for PAP's bait in the James Gomez hoo-ha. Except Gomez really shouldn't have made such a fuss. One shot in the foot, even before they hit the ground running. But really, their so-called solutions are flimsy at best. But they've played the emotional button pretty well.

SDP: Many shots in both feets. They should call for amputation, or a lobotomy.

SDA: Yawn.

My guess is the PAP will be driven really close by WP in the polls. A surprise may be coming.

- It's easy to lambast the media on the various blogs and websites for these elections, under the guise of anonymity. Is it really criminal for our national papers to be pro-ruling party? Is it really necessary for them to be neutral? For what? So that opposition can dominate headlines with their raucuous but ultimately airy statements? I think the opposition would rather like to keep it by the word of mouth -- the mystery is there. If everything's on paper, they would surely look under-strength. Besides, what is reported about PAP is nothing like we've never known. One read at the headlines, and I yawn.

Besides, the excessive reporting on the James Gomez saga, I think, has already a negative effect on the PAP. Never underestimate the media's ability to overplay.

Like Fox Mulder once said: "The truth is out there." Go to the rallies, make your own choice, lazy bastards. Why bother about the media, when you can see first-hand?


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