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Saturday, February 25, 2006

Cast No Shadow

- Legs are still aching after standing for a freaking two hours straight at the Oasis concert. I'm getting too old for the free standing seats maaaaaaaaaan......

- That said, Oasis were magical. They got zero showmanship, hardly moved throughout the gig, looked distinctively uninterested -- yet blew me away. Just the songs, man. Don't need nothing more. When they launched into "Champagne Supernova" right after the goosebumps-inducing "Wonderwall", it was bliss.

- "Live Forever" was great too, as was the traditional closer "Don't Look Back In Anger". I feel back in the uni days. These songs are deathless.

- Biggest surprise was Noel singing "The Masterplan". It's obvious he loves this song.

- Low moments were Liam's songs - "Songbird" and "Guess God Thinks I'm Abel". Too languid for a rock show. Better for an acoustic gig, if they ever do one.

- Never a big fan of "The Importance of Being Idle", but kinda like it live.

- "Rock N' Roll Star" and "My Generation". Fiercest moments. I almost passed out in the bloody heat of the crowd.

- "Mucky Fingers" should be released as a single. C'mon Gallaghers.

- Missing in the set were "Supersonic", "Stand By Me", "Stop Cryin' Your Heart Out" and my current fave "Let There Be Love".

- Only two more bands that I want to see before I get old: Green Day and of course, U2.


Anonymous tian said...

hey green day performed at my college once, but i was to dumb to know who they were then. wat an american idiot.

i'm not an oasis fan so didn't quite have a helluva good time. hearing most songs for the first time. if i were to get their cd, which album would u recommend?

12:43 AM

Blogger Big Fuzz said...

Get their second album "What's the Story (Morning Glory)". Most of the memorable songs are there. Then get their first album "Definitely Maybe" and then their latest album "Don't Believe the truth. It's probably all you need to like Oasis.

2:11 AM


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