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Friday, March 16, 2007

Wasn't Born To Follow

- I've always wanted to be a Jack of all trades.

I figured, why exclude? Why this and not that? Why can't a person be a master of none?

Do I need to pigeon-hole myself, when the world is already busy trying to categorise me?

I'm whoever I want to be. And I'm good in everything I want to be. I count my blessings for it.

But no, it's not enough for the world, isn't it? It's not enough to just dabble, one must be obsessive to be considered an expert, a master of one.

Everyone pushes himself over the edge for his own ego, that he may call himself dedicated to his field of expertise.

They scoff, they jeer, they blame those who are laid-back, those who have a short attention span, those who are easily bored.

I've always been able to jump off the wagon before it gets derailed.

People view it as a curse. I view it as keeping my sanity.

- I'm burning out real fast. Gotta recharge. Thailand here I come.


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Blogger komax said...

Take it easy bro...the world is big enough to fit all of us in, you'll find your place and I mine. While we're at it and when the going gets tough, you know who to find if you need a pal on a Thailand trip...;)

3:19 AM


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