"I've escaped it, a life wasted/And I'm never going back again." - Pearl Jam, "Life Wasted"

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Cast No Shadow

- Legs are still aching after standing for a freaking two hours straight at the Oasis concert. I'm getting too old for the free standing seats maaaaaaaaaan......

- That said, Oasis were magical. They got zero showmanship, hardly moved throughout the gig, looked distinctively uninterested -- yet blew me away. Just the songs, man. Don't need nothing more. When they launched into "Champagne Supernova" right after the goosebumps-inducing "Wonderwall", it was bliss.

- "Live Forever" was great too, as was the traditional closer "Don't Look Back In Anger". I feel back in the uni days. These songs are deathless.

- Biggest surprise was Noel singing "The Masterplan". It's obvious he loves this song.

- Low moments were Liam's songs - "Songbird" and "Guess God Thinks I'm Abel". Too languid for a rock show. Better for an acoustic gig, if they ever do one.

- Never a big fan of "The Importance of Being Idle", but kinda like it live.

- "Rock N' Roll Star" and "My Generation". Fiercest moments. I almost passed out in the bloody heat of the crowd.

- "Mucky Fingers" should be released as a single. C'mon Gallaghers.

- Missing in the set were "Supersonic", "Stand By Me", "Stop Cryin' Your Heart Out" and my current fave "Let There Be Love".

- Only two more bands that I want to see before I get old: Green Day and of course, U2.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

This Is A Low

- But it won't hurt you.

- Why do my colleagues sound so surprised when I go on holiday alone? Excuse me, the whole reason of going on holiday is to GET AWAY from y'all.

- Nothing soothes me more than walking alone in another city. Hope Sydney will surprise me next week.

- Is there any more good music coming up?